Women program

LEARNER’S EXPECTED LEVEL :Students able to read with difficulties. Little vocabulary.

DESCRIPTION:One weekly session of 4 hours every Saturday (8h30-12h30). Only one text book for this year, Annahu alwadih. The program is based on the memorisation of vocabulary (grammar and daily life) and on learning grammar rules (examples, exercises and the memorisation of the definitions).

END OF YEAR RESULTS:This second year prepares to the third year of the curriculum. At the end of this 2nd year, students would have studied and memorised a number of rules enabling them to express themselves in Arabic (both orally and in writing) without making grammatical mistakes. At the end of this year, the pupil would be able to converse with Arabic speakers and understand almost a full Friday sermon (Khotba). They would also be fluent readers.

LEARNER’S EXPECTED LEVEL :Some bases in vocabulary but gaps in grammar.

DESCRIPTION:Two weekly sessions of 2 hours. Courses will take place during the week (Tuesdays/Thursdays). The program of this year of study is based on the book Al-ajuroomiya. Its memorisation is COMPULSORY. It is a poem of 134 verses (divided into 32 chapters). The method taught is the one of the righteous predecessors. During each course a chapter will be covered (each chapter corresponds to a grammar rule) in details with the explanation of the verses. Once the study of the book is completed, a training course for the teaching of the book Alif Ba (Primary book of the association) will be offered.

END OF YEAR RESULTS:Students would have acquired a strong foundation in the Arabic grammar allowing them to appreciate and understand the Qur’an and the Hadiths better. At the end of this year students would be expected to read with ease and sometimes even without using accents. They could take advantage of courses delivered in Arabic language. They could converse with Arabic-speakers.