1.1 Everyone, either a member or not, students, parents.

1.2 So, that everyone can acquaint with it, a copy is given to every member (upon request). Volunteers, pupils, parents.

1.3 A copy will be posted in the premises of the association.

2.1 The access to the premises is regulated by an authorisation. Schedules and days are defined by the administration of the association.

2.2 Parents are authorised to penetrate into the corridors to pick up their children at the hours provided for that purpose. Access to classrooms is forbidden, except if they are invited by a teacher.

2.3 Students are authorised to enter the corridors and classrooms at the hours provided by the administration for that purpose. At the end of their class, they must leave the premises, except if they are invited to stay by their teacher.

2.4 Members and volunteers will be authorised to enter the premises only for the tasks which they were entrusted to carry out.

2.5 It is forbidden to bring food, drinks, as well as mobile phones, mp3 players, and all which could disrupt the class.

2.6 It is forbidden to raise the voice or shout. 2.7 Foul language is not tolerated.

3.1 Students authorised to attend classes are not allowed to bring into the premises of the association dangerous objects or substances (knives, cutters, matches, lighters …).

4.1 Students must be punctual (it is better to arrive 15mn before the beginning of the class). In case of lateness the student could be warned.

5.1 Any person entering the premises of the association must wear descent clothing, not provocative.

6.1 Students must buy the supplies they need to attend the class (exercise books, pens, ..).

6.2 The teacher can ask pupils to buy specific supplies, or books. The association can possibly propose supplies.

7. 1 Pupils affected by a contagious disease, or lice cannot resume until they are cured.

7.2 Students suffering from an allergy or those following a specific treatment must inform the administration.

7.3 No treatment can be administered without a medical prescription from a doctor.

8.1 The correspondence with the parents and the pupils will be done by mail, e-mail, or via the website.

8.2 To meet a teacher, parents or children have to book an appointment at the office of the association.

9.1 The schedule of the holidays for children aged 6 to 12-year-old will be defined by the management.

9.2 The schedule of the holidays for adults will be defined by the management.

10.1 Students have to pay the total amount of the fees before the beginning of the session. In case of financial difficulties, contact the management of the association for a possible payment by instalments.

10.2 No refund will be granted after the first class, in case of absence or disease.

11.1 Students will be sanctioned for any breach of the internal rules.

11.2 Any person warned repeatedly will be excluded.

11.3 The exclusion can be temporary or definitive.

11.4 Warnings and evictions will be pronounced by the president and by teaching staff of the association.

11.5 Parents and students can attend the disciplinary meeting, upon invitation from the management.