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The reading club

Set up from Dar El Hikma’s opening in 2010, the reading club has for objective to make you enjoy Arabic literature. Every Wednesday evening (from 8pm till 10pm), one of Dar El Hikma’s teachers will read a book in Arabic in front of the assembly. Many subjects such as faith, exegesis of the Qur’an but also jurisprudence and history will be covered. The numerous subjects covered will allow you to enhance your knowledge of the Arabo-Islamic culture. Whether it is a complete book or some extracts, this reading club should create the desire for reading in Arabic among the members. Open to all members of the association, this reading club has for objective to make you discover the authors and the greatest scholars from our time and those from the previous centuries.








علوم القرآن




فضل العلم و آدابه




 كتب أخرى