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I joined Dar El Hikma to learn Arabic according to the method of moutouns (Arabic texts), but also to learn in a pleasant environment, with an efficient methodology. Since I started studying at Dar El Hikma, I acquired a huge amount of knowledge and improved a lot. I also familiarised myself with teaching skills in general.


I heard positive comments regarding the association Dar El Hikma while I was studying at Al Medina University; initially from students from Paris, but also from one of our professors who studied in Mauritania with sheikh Jamel.

Upon my return to France, I immediately joined the institute and I was not disappointed. This association is a real oasis in the middle of the desert of the Parisian greyness. I found teachers as humble as competent, passionate about the language of the noble Qur’an, as well as eager students who have nothing to envy to those I was able to meet during my study trips abroad.

I recommend to whoever wishes to reach a good level of Arabic to join Dar El Hikma. We do not succeed without making efforts, and there is nothing surprising in this. May Allah Ta' ala protect our teachers, their students as well as everyone working for the Muslim community; and our brothers and sisters worldwide.

Abou Ahmad

During my journey in Egypt, I studied the Arabic language and I mastered the understanding and the oral expression. Upon my return, I needed to carry on learning, especially by deepening my knowledge of Arabic grammar and conjugation. A friend advised me to register at Dar El Hikma. At the beginning, I was skeptical because I did not think that in France, I could find a place in which it was possible to progress in Arabic. I joined the 3rd level because I already had an advanced level and I was not disappointed. Teachers are very competent and give high quality lessons exclusively in Arabic! The expertise of the teachers in Arabic is remarkable. The pedagogy as well as the methodology are very efficient. I reached the goals that I had set for myself and gained even more! I would recommend this institute without hesitation to everyone, beginner or not.


I enrolled at Dar El Hikma in order to study Arabic, to acquire some vocabulary and to increase my knowledge of the grammar rules. I recommend this institute to all my brothers. As for my progress, I noted a real improvement even though I did not attend Arabic speaking classes at the end of the year.

Abou Aziz

I joined Dar El Hikma to learn Arabic and grammar to understand the Qur’an. I improved a lot; thanks to everything I learnt. It is a place that I strongly recommend to everyone willing to learn Arabic. The teachers are always ready to help and advise their students. May Allah reward them.


I joined Dar El Hikma for the quality of the education, the pedagogy and the methodology. I studied the first two years following the opening. I must admit that it is the best institute in which I was able to study (even though I did not study a lot). I have to say that the environment is very important. Studying at Dar El Hikma is without any doubt one of my greatest personal achievements.


Why did you join Dar El Hikma? How do you see your progress at Dar El Hikma Institute?
I joined Dar El Hikma institute in 2013 as a beginner, to learn Arabic, which is essential for the good understanding of our religion. I started to learn Arabic in this institute. Now I can clearly say that my level increased within only 3 years. I am now able to understand a lesson in Arabic and read what I couldn't read before. Teachers, thanks to their knowledge in Islamic sciences, advise us to improve our reading skills and encourage us to study besides the lessons.


I am not the kind of person who loves school and studies, but you have this small thing which enables you to pass on the pleasure to study the Arabic language. I tried a lot of things in order to learn but you are by far the best institute I have ever found. Studying with this methodology is a wonderful opportunity for us and for future students insha Allah. May Allah protect you.


I joined Dar El Hikma after hearing positive comments from many brothers around me...I noticed they had improved dramatically. When I arrived, I did not know what was a (فعل) or a (إسم)... And Ma sha Allah thanks to their method I was quickly able to improve, to read, to understand and to speak; and it is a real pleasure for a non-Arabic-speaker like me to benefit from this science. There is still a lot of work ahead but the foundation is now in place. You succeed to pass on this desire to learn. It is a very enriching experience, and I hope to be able to continue bi idnillah.



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