Alif Ba

These books offer a different methodology from what can be found in most of other learning reading books. It distinguishes itself by the fact that it enables learners with totally different levels to study in one same group; each learner proceeding at their own pace. Thus, the learner with a strong motivation and/or large abilities will not be delayed by the group, whilst students who are less motivated and/or having difficulty will not be penalized by the group’s progress.

Studying this book will enable students to read books other than the Qur’an, since writing rules in the Qur’an are different from those found in other books. Furthermore, some studies carried out by specialists in teaching methods revealed that writing helps in learning how to read. For this reason, a workbook goes along with this book. Thus, its main objective is to strengthen the knowledge of the learner. It can be studied in parallel to the reading book. If the learner does not have enough time, then the reading book is enough.

Studying this book will enable the student to read the Qur’an correctly. The first part of the book covers the writing differences between the Qur’an and other books. The rest of the book covers the rules of Tajweed. An appendix focusing on the pronunciation of the letters of the Arabic alphabet in different situations is located at the end of the book. This appendix can also be used in parallel to the study of some of the rules to improve reading skills. This book also goes along with a workbook that will simplify the understanding and enable students to master the lessons they have already covered